The 1Sheeld+ is an upgraded version of the original 1Sheeld, enabling it to connect to both iOS (starting iOS 9.0 and above) and Android devices (starting 4.2 and above).  

You can plug this Shield to your Arduino and then run the matching mobile app on your tablet or smartphone, allowing all your smartphone’s capabilities such as LCD Screen, Switches, Gyroscope, LEDs, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc. into your Arduino sketch. This turns your smartphone into about 40 different Arduino shields!

The Bluetooth module has been upgraded to a HM-10, which is the one of the latest Bluetooth technology (BLE 4.0) that uses less power and is supported by most of the latest smartphones. It operates at a speed of 7.37MHz, is compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V board, and has a range of about 30 ft.

Virtual Shields include:

  • Voice Recognition Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Text-To-Speech Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Internet Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Terminal Shield (iOS/Android)
  • IoT Shield (iOS)
  • Chart Shield (iOS)
  • Fingerprint Shield (iOS)
  • Barcode Scanner Shield (iOS)
  • Face Detection Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Vibration Shield (Android)
  • GLCD Shield (Android)
  • Color Detector Shield (iOS/Android)
  • NFC Shield (Android)
  • Pattern Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Data Logger Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Temperature Shield (Android)
  • Proximity Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Pressure Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Phone Shield (Android)
  • Orientation Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Music Player Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Magnetometer Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Light Sensor Shield (Android)
  • LCD Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Keyboard Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Gravity Shield (Android)
  • GPS Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Gamepad Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Clock Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Notification Shield (iOS/Android)
  • SMS Shield (Android)
  • Slider Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Skype Shield (Android)
  • Push Button Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Toggle Button Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Mic Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Gyroscope Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Email Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Camera Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Buzzer Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Accelerometer Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Foursquare Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Facebook Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Twitter Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Seven Segments Shield (iOS/Android)
  • LED Shield (iOS/Android)
  • Keypad Shield (iOS/Android)a

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1Sheeld+ for iOS & Android

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